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Jugal lipectomy (removing the Ball of Bichat)

The ball of Bichat or bag of Bichat is a fatty deposit (FAT) that all human beings have the face, in the region of the cheeks, located between the muscles of mastication masseter and Buccinator. It serves as a cushion, to lubricate the interposition of these two muscles and fill the space of the cheeks of the face.
However, for patients who have a very round face, fat, wide or with the outline of the face bit set, the withdrawal of this fat is indicated. Even thin patients can look like round face, because the ball of Bichat is not linked to obesity, she is an anatomical organ, therefore, does not disappear when we lose weight.
Its withdrawal (Bichatectomia or Lipectomy Jugal) is a relatively simple surgical procedure, without great complexity, which gives patients a face with the malar (cheekbone) and most protruding cheeks look thinner and inside, since fat is excised (removed) completely through an intra oral access, that is, there are no scars on the face because the procedure is performed inside the mouth.
As only the fat is removed, having no concomitant muscle level intervention, the aesthetic effect is very nice and discreet, because sets and thins the face of the patient without any scars. Is a cosmetic procedure routine, safe, which can be performed under local anesthesia (at the clinic) and general anesthesia when other interventions are associated with such as:
1) Mentoplasty (Chin plastic);
2) surgery to emphasise the mandibular angle through the installation of Porex Mandibular prosthesis;
3) orthognathic surgery;
4) surgery to disguise the Naso-Labial Groove deep through the installation of Porex prosthesis for Paranasal Region;
5) Other cosmetic surgeries in the Face (one can associate the presence of two surgeons in the procedure – oral and maxillofacial Surgeon + plastic surgeon).


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